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After 25+ years as a kitchen designer, Ross decided to open his own design studio.

“Most of my clients are referrals from former customers or contractors,” says Ross. “I feel that a small, somewhat hidden studio concentrating on cabinet styles and trends allows me an intimate, well appointed environment in which to demonstrate the quality of our cabinetry.”

Ross believes strongly in form following function in kitchen design. With his years of experience, calm demeanor, and ability to listen, Ross feels that kitchen design is part design sense, part determination of a client’s needs, and part guidance to the best products and services in the marketplace.

An avid traveler and golfer, Ross also enjoys a lifelong passion for live theatre.

His favorite praise from past clients is that he is “genuine.”

Ross hopes that customers looking for straight forward assistance with kitchen design and cabinetry will enjoy their experience with Kitchens By Ross, LLC.

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